Natural Ways To Cure An Ear Infection

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An ear infection can make your child feel miserable and unhappy. Not only are ear infections painful, but they also are often accompanied by symptoms that are can make a baby feel uncomfortable or in pain. Ear infections are a common childhood ailment and while you should always check with your child’s pediatrician,  there are a few natural ways to relieve the pain of an ear infection.

Cure Ear Infection


Symptoms of ear infections can include ears that look red or feel hot, tugging or poking of the ear, low or high fever , headache, loss of appetite, grumpiness, pus or drainage from the ear, crying, and difficulty sleeping. Some children do not exhibit any symptoms so if you suspect something is wrong, or feel that something may be off, you can take your baby to the doctor to confirm an ear infection. While many doctors may try to prescribe antibiotics most will choose to wait and see if the infection clears up on its own (usually within 72 hours.) Also it’s important to never stick cotton swabs or any other type of blunt instrument into your little one’s ear as that can push wax further in and lead to dizziness and an uncomfortable baby. If your baby needs their ear cleaned take them to the doctor for a specialized ear cleaning. So here are natural ways to cures an ear infection:

  •  Garlic Oil

Natural garlic oil can be found at natural or health food stores. Place one or two drops into the infected ear and press a cotton ball gently to the ear to allow the liquid to drain inside. Garlic works to clear an ear infection because it is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. However, do not use this treatment if anything is draining from the ear.

  •  Warm Compress

A washcloth soaked in warm water and pressed up to the ear can help relieve pain caused by an ear infection. Simply dip a washcloth in hot or warm water, wring it out, and apply to the ear gently but firmly.



  • Elevate the Head

Elevating the ear and head area will help drain any of the fluid that might have built up in the middle ear area. This is especially important if you see drainage coming out of the ear. Keeping the head upright will help the fluid come down and will also keep your little one feeling more comfortable.

Natural Cure For Ear Infection


  • Rest and Fluids

Like any other time your little one is sick, drinking fluids and getting plenty of rest will  always help them feel better. Rest will help recuperate an unwell immune system, while drinking fluids, especially water, will help flush out any bacteria or toxins. The swallowing mechanism used when drinking water will also help to clear your child’s ear ways.

Ear infections tend to be a fairly common childhood illness, and while it can make a parent feel helpless to watch their little one in pain, there are ways to calm the pain and your child. These natural tips can help your child feel better and get over their sickness more quickly, but always remember to check with their pediatrician if symptoms do not abate or seem to get worse.

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