7 Amazing Beer Can Sculptures

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You already reduce, reuse, and recycle, how do you take it to the next level? Try looking in your recycling bin the next time you want to make art. Beer cans provide inspiration and raw materials for artists from all backgrounds. Bonus: think of how much fun you’ll have collecting the supplies for your craft.  So kick back on your porch with a 24-pack of Heinekens, and read this inspiring list of 7 amazing beer can sculptures. You might be influenced to make the next great piece of art.

1. Lumen by Paul Villinski


Paul Villinski’s interpretation of an ephemeral butterfly in flight is made entirely of found beer cans. “My process of ‘recycling’ [the cans] into images of butterflies is a quiet physical meditation, a yoga of tin snips and files and fingers,” says Villinski. In addition to butterflies, Villinski has crafted birds, planes, and wings using cans as well as other found materials. He is inspired by flight and environmental issues.

2. Shoes by Nikos Floros


Nikos Floros is an award winning Greek artist who has created costumes made out of recycled materials such as beer and soda cans. The shoes above are a replica of shoes worn by Maria Callas, the infamous Greek opera diva, and were designed as part of an anniversary tribute for the singer. In addition to shoes, Floros made replicas of dresses, corsets, and jackets.

3. Mustang by Jack Kirby


Jack Kirby created this 1965 Ford Mustang as an art and design student when Budweiser offered a chance to win a classic mustang. The car was built from 5,000 beer cans, and while it doesn’t run, at least there is no chance of breaking the law by drinking and driving.

4. Beer Can House by John Milkovisch

Beer Can House

Although it might not qualify as “art,” John Milkovisch’s Beer Can House is a Houston, Texas landmark built in 1968. Milkovisch himself did not consider the house art and said, “It tickles me to watch people screech to a halt… Sometimes they drive around the block a couple of times. Later they come back with a car-load of friends.” The house is estimated to have been made from 50,000 beer cans.

5. Christmas Tree


If you prefer bottles to cans, check out the beer bottle Christmas trees made by university student Paul Deacon (left) and an unknown beer drinker (right). A similar idea for a Christmas tree of beer bottles was shown in Shanghai, China, but that tree was made from new and unopened beers, and therefore does not qualify as green art.

6. Purse by Sarah Roemer


Sarah Roemer makes purses and other accessories from the tabs off soda and beer cans. Her etsy shop is a testament that you can create art and wearable clothing from what some consider trash. Roemer sells her accesories on Etsy and says that the purses are a creative outlet for her.

7. Lady of Guadalupe



This statue of Our Lady of Gudalupe is made of beer and soda cans and can be found in Houston in front of Dow School. She was created complete with a halo behind her.

The point of this list is not to send you on a beer drinking frenzy, but rather to show how art can be created from the humblest of materials. Whether it’s beer cans, cardboard boxes, or egg cartons, the only limit to what you can make is your own imagination.

3 Comments on "7 Amazing Beer Can Sculptures"

  1. Jolly Princess February 9, 2012 at 9:53 pm ·

    I will start saving my 7 UP cans instead of giving them to my neighbour. She sells the can to a recycling plant. It is green after all. I want a Christmas tree out of 7 UP cans this 2012! Great! Thanks for the idea!:)

  2. Reut February 10, 2012 at 8:40 am ·

    It’s a great idea Jolly! Good luck and don’t forget to send me a photo :-)

  3. Pa Ul March 14, 2012 at 2:27 am ·

    what a lovely designs and artists are great as well :)

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