7 Beautiful, Green Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Lover

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Valentine’s Day is known as the hallmark holiday, but this year you can turn it into a green holiday with recycled, organic, and handmade gifts. Instead of worrying your lover whether the beautiful red roses you bought them are full of pesticides, if their box of chocolate has high fructose corn syrup, or if the cuddly teddy bear they loved came packaged in BPA riddled plastic, they will be impressed with your Eco-friendly presents.  Show your significant other you care with these 7 unique and earth friendly gifts:

1. Rustic Love Birds in Nest Cake Topper


These cute love birds are handmade from wood and come with a personalized wooden heart all topping a nest of twigs and moss. Engrave the heart with names, dates, initials, or any meaningful message for your sweetheart. You can buy this lovely cake topper for $45.00.

2. Maggie Bags Recycled Seatbelt Clutch Bags


According to Maggie Bags, millions of yards of seat belt material goes unused each year. Their solution was to upcycle the seat belts into bags worthy of the fashionista in your life. Help her green her closet, and keep her style too, with colors ranging from hot pink to basic black. They are available for $59.00.

3. Women’s Organic Cotton Terry and Linen Robe


Pamper and relax your lover with their own spa robe made of soft organic cotton and linen. This robe provides the same luxurious feeling of visiting a spa while staying home. Your loved one will think of you as they wrap themselves after a bath or during a lazy morning breakfast. The gift of relaxation is available for $176.00.

4. DayNa Decker Bambuseae Classic Chandel


A candle lit dinner is classic Valentine’s Day romance at its best. Most candles are made of paraffin and other petroleum based ingredients. These candles are made from a soy and palm based wax, and an organic wooden wick ensures that the candle burns cleaner. A cleaner burning candle is better for your health and better for the environment. The DayNa Decker is currently on sale for $42.00.

5. Valentine’s Day Edition Handmade Soap Favors


Not only do these soaps look like chocolate treats, but your lover will think of you every time they take a bath. Each soap made from organic materials and comes wrapped in red, pink, and white and features a different scent such as tea tree lime, blood orange ginger, and peppermint vanilla. You can also include a personalized note in the order. Buy these soaps for $24.00.

6. Planters, Handmade, Recycled Wood


Flowers are almost mandatory on Valentine’s Day, but usually the container is an afterthought. These planters, which come in a set of three, are handmade using recycled wood and can be painted to your color specifications. They are made to order and also come with an option of “twisting” the wood for a funky style plant holder. They are available for $43.35.

7. Birthstone and Heart Ring


If you are in the mood to give jewelery this year, you can still be Eco-friendly with your purchase. This birthstone and heart ring is a set of two rings made to order from recycled silver. The first ring is personalized with your choice of birthstone, and the second ring, a tiny heart, represents your love. The rings are even shipped to you, or your significant other, in a recycled box with matching raffia ribbon. You can buy this ring set for $53.00.

Holidays can be a time of excess and less than green practices. However, as an Eco-friendly family you can help set the standard for others when planning a green holiday. While you are showing your lover how much you love them, you can also show your love of the earth with these unique Eco-gifts.

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2 Comments on "7 Beautiful, Green Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Lover"

  1. Helene February 9, 2012 at 6:29 am ·

    I absolutely love that you’re always making it so easy to find green, healthy alternatives. Keep up the good work.:)

  2. Reut February 10, 2012 at 8:41 am ·

    Thank you Helene.

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