Green Your Holiday in 6 Simple Ways

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There are several ways to green your holiday during this yuletide season. It is a common practise to use materials and items that readily available and cheap without minding the kind of effect such things will have on the environment. And it is also known that a lot of these items that are often used during holiday seasons can have detrimental effects on the environment especially if they are made from substances that cannot be decomposed or recycled easily. Here are some simple ways you can have a green holiday experience without spending so much.



  • Use Recycling paper for wrapping the gifts

One of the things that are very common and characteristic of holidays is the giving and receiving of gifts. Many people send gifts to their loved ones during this time and these gifts are often wrapped in sheets made from inorganic materials. The wrapping sheets most times end up refuse that is thrown away as trash. In order to have a green holiday, it is better to use wrapping sheets made from recycled paper which is more environmentally friendly than using sheets made from polyethylene or other inorganic materials.

  • Try Sending E-Cards

Many people also send cards to their friends, loved ones and well wishers during this time. Most of the cards are made from paper that can be recycled, but most times these cards end up in the trash bins after sometime when the excitement of having the card must have waned. The cards at this time can become an eye sore especially when mixed with other trash and junk. One of the best green holiday practice you can make use of in this instance is to send out electronic cards to your loved ones. This will save you the cost of postage, the cards are likely to have a longer lifespan, and it is less likely that such cards will become trash to be thrown away.

  • Buy The Kids Environmentally Friendly Gifts 

One of the most common holiday gifts for children are toys. Most of these toys are often battery powered, but the thing about these battery powered toys is that the batteries are usually not friendly to the environment. Most batteries contain substances with lead and other environmentally unfriendly compounds. These substances usually have detrimental effects on the environment when the batteries are disposed off. Hence, it is better to buy gifts that are not battery powered in order to create a green holiday.



  • Online Holiday Shopping

Online shopping for the holiday is very vital in creating a green holiday season. There are several benefits that come with shopping online; When stuff needed for the holiday are purchased online, you save time and money not just on the online discount deals but also on gas that would have been used to drive to stores for shopping. This reduces carbon emissions your car could have released to the environment.

  • Try Giving Holiday Treats Not Gifts

It is also better to give your loved ones unique experiences this holiday season rather than giving them gifts. This is because gifts are often used and discarded while experiences can last for a long time in the memory of your loved one. Gifts can also become trash which may be environmentally unfriendly but experiences can be physically and emotionally refreshing. Hence, instead of buying a gift try to make your loved one anything you know they will appreciate.

Green holiday decoration


  • Organic Decorations

This is one of the simplest things that can be done. Try using decorations for the holiday season, especially Christmas, that are made from organic materials which can be recycled or processed easily. These kinds of materials are Eco friendly and may not be very expensive.

There are diverse ways a green holiday experience can be created. The methods of creating a green holiday described below are simple and cheap enough for anybody to afford and obtain reasonable results when used effectively.

Have a great holiday!

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