Healthy Pacifiers for Happy Babies

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While many babies do not need pacifier, others have a very strong suck reflex.  Giving these babies a soother may help calm their crying and ease them into sleep. When choosing a pacifier for your baby, it’s important to know all pacifiers are not created equally, especially when it comes to protecting your baby from harmful chemicals and bacterias.  There are many steps you can take to ensure you’re purchasing the healthiest, most natural pacifier.

When choosing a pacifier, it’s important to check what is it made of. Latex rubber pacifier can release harmful carcinogens when the baby sucks on them, and can break down over time, causing cracks in the pacifier where bacteria can grow.  Most other pacifiers on the market are made of silicone, from which responsible manufacturers have removed the toxic chemical Bisphenol A.  Still, you may be a green-conscious or natural parent, and you may have concerns about your baby sucking on a synthetic material for long periods of time.  You may then want to purchase an all-natural pacifier.  Companies such as Natursutten produce all-natural pacifiers made of rubber from the Havea Brasiliensi tree.  Natursutten has taken out the potentially allergy-causing latex compound from their pacifiers, which are also free of all cancer causing materials, chemical softeners, artificial colours, parabens and PVC’s.  On top of that, as biodegradable and compostable,  Natursutten pacifiers are Eco-friendly.


Natural pacifiers may, however, end up costing a bit more because, due to their natural state, they break down more quickly than synthetic pacifiers.  Available in green, natural baby shops worldwide, natural pacifiers are available for around $9.

Note: Experts do recommend that parents wait to introduce a pacifier until a breastfeeding baby is 6 weeks of age to reduce the risk of nipple confusion.

2 Comments on "Healthy Pacifiers for Happy Babies"

  1. Adelle April 14, 2011 at 1:44 am ·

    Hi Reut!

    This pacifier is so good. My baby like, but here in Brazil I never seen anything with this quality.

    I will search if any importer to Brazil.

    Chag sameach Pessach :)

  2. Reut April 22, 2011 at 9:58 am ·

    Thank you Adelle, Happy Passover to you too :-)

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