Unique Recycled Paper Collages By Nathalie Boutte

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There are many artists around using recycled paper, but Nathalie Boutte’s art is a bit unique.  Her collages and mosaic artworks are soft looking,  slightly raised and textured, and are created from recycled paper by cutting it into strips and layering them one over the other to reveal predominately the cut ends.


The remarkable art works of soft, plain gray or striking colors are made from small paper strips stuck one across the other to make them look pretty and raised.  The 44-year-old artist, who lives in Montreuill, near Paris don’t just create art with a single type of paper, she tries out paper collages with almost any kind of paper she comes across.

Nathalie Boutte, who loves paper, has used almost every form of it for constructing the beautiful looking art:  tissue paper, colored paper, printed paper, and even translucent tracing papers have gone through her hands, cut into strips, stuck together and turned into real works of art.  Boutte arranges the little strips like the tiles arranged on a roof to get a special effect that is different from the other types of mosaic.

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The artist enjoys making large creations, and according to her the size of the art work does effect its impressiveness.  The fully recycled and handmade works by the French artist show yet another beautiful and impressive use of old paper, no matter what kind it is.


Nathalie Boutee reuses paper waste in one of the most beautiful and thoughtful ways to create some very remarkable works of recycled art.

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  1. Somsi July 12, 2011 at 2:39 pm ·

    The paper used is very good.

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