Wonderful And Natural Uses Of Orange Peel

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Most of us, maybe all of us, throw away or compost the orange peels after enjoying the juicy and refreshing fruit inside.  But if you knew the magic these pieces of orange skin have, you would never throw it away again.  Let see some the uses of orange peels.

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  • Orange peel for glowing skin.  Orange peel works wonder on the skin, it helps to reduce pimple acne, wrinkles and patchy skin, when applied as face mask or when dropped in bathing water and used to scrub over the skin.  Dry the peel, powder it, and then make a simple scrub by adding just enough milk to the powder to get a consistency you like.  The antioxidants and vitamin C in the peels helps to get a clean and glowing complexion after a few weeks of trying it.
  • Useful fighting against insects.  Orange Peel can be used as mosquito repellent when applied on skin, either by rubbing the peel over the skin or by applying a very thin coat of water mixed with orange peel powder onto the skin. Orange peel can also be used against ants by spraying powdered orange peel solution over the ant hill.

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  • Give your home a nice fragrance.  You can make your home smell and feel good by simmering a few pieces of orange peel with one or two cloves, or any other spices you enjoy smelling.  This is a very nice way to add humidity to the air when needed.  The soothing smell of the orange and cloves together easily gets spread all over the house to give it a pleasant and welcoming feel.  Similarly you can use the dried and powdered orange skin to give a nice smell to your kitchen and rooms, if you use it in hot water for household cleaning.
  • Save your plants from cats.  How many times has your lovely garden been bothered a cat?  This won’t happen again if you take care to put a few orange peels on the garden soil, and rub at least a few leaves of the plants with the orange skin every now and then.

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  • Health benefits of orange peel:  Eating raw orange peel as such or including it in the diet in any form like in marmalades, jams, in porridge or cake can help you to fight against many health related issues.  It is believed to help control the blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels to a significant degree.  You can find hundreds of recipes using orange peel on the net.

So the next time you eat an orange, don’t toss away the skin as these very pieces of peels have a lot of benefits you might have never enjoyed before.

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