Use Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Household Pests

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It is important to avoid hazardous chemical pesticides when combating common household pests in your home and garden, since these pesticides can damage your health and the environment. As an alternative, make your own natural pesticides by using essential oils.

Citronella oil

Citronella oil is commonly used for repelling most insects and pests, so you can make your own natural insect repellent using this oil. Other essential oils are also used for deterring pests effectively.

Natural insect repellent recipe:

  • Citronella oil 20 drops
  • Lavender oil 10 drops
  • Tea tree oil 4 drops
  • Pennyroyal oil 4 drop
  • Jojoba oil 4 drops

Mix all the ingredients. You can use this mix in two ways;  The first is by applying this mixture to your body after diluting in 100ml of almond oil.  The second is by spraying this mixture after combining it with 100ml of vodka

The following are some natural ways to get rid of household pests using essential oils:

1.      Citronella candles work efficiently for mosquitoes. You can place drops of citronella oil or lemon-grass oil in a glowing burner, or place a mixture of essential oils with drops of peppermint oil, lavender oil and lemongrass oil on a ribbon and hang it from windows to eliminate mosquitoes.

2.      Sprinkle a few drops of peppermint oil along counters and walls to prevent ants coming into your home.

3.      Scatter cedar-wood oil in wardrobes, drawers and cupboards to get rid of silver fish.

4.      Make a mixture with few drops of citronella oil and peppermint oil and place the  mixture on cotton balls. Keep them in your cupboards to eliminate cockroaches. A mixture of 1/2 cup of water, and a few drops of cypress oil and peppermint oil can be sprayed on areas where the cockroaches are active.


5.      A mixture of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil is effective in preventing mouse infestations. Dip cotton balls in this mixture and keep them in areas through which mice are entering home.

6.      Sprinkle a few drops of clove oil and lavender oil in your home to repel flies.

7.      Neem oil can be used as a natural repellent of aphids.

8.      Spray a mixture made from one litre salt water, 10 drops of lavender oil, and rosemary oil to treat aphid affected plants.

Please note: Certain essential oils are harmful for pregnant women, so beware when using them.

Via: Natural News.

4 Comments on "Use Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Household Pests"

  1. Silverfish March 14, 2011 at 3:24 am ·

    I never knew you could use those oils to help with silverfish problems. Thanks for the info.

  2. julie law November 14, 2011 at 9:27 am ·

    what a fantastic list of information! essential oils can be use almost for anything and not only do they do the job safely they smell fab too. thanx for the info. im stocking up on my oils as we speak :-)

  3. Reut November 14, 2011 at 4:36 pm ·

    Thank you Julie for your comment and for stopping by.
    Have a great day.

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