Intricate Decorative Lights Made From Plastic Bottles

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In this age of convenience, it seems almost impossible to think of going without mineral water bottles. But once their use is over, these bottles often get thrown away, and being non-degradable, end up polluting the environment. Through her work, Sarah Turner, an award-winning Eco artist, gives us a great example of how these plastic bottles might be recycled.Sarah turner Eco light

This talented designer has mastered the art of cleverly cutting plastic water bottles to make beautiful lamps and lights of all kinds.  By transforming waste water bottles into decorative lighting, Sarah Turner gives a whole new life to the otherwise littered bottles.

Eco Lily Top View

The procedure for the creation of these amazing lights begins with collecting bottles from local cafes and households. These bottles are then cleaned and sandblasted. Finally, each of the bottles is separately hand cut and transformed into beautiful decorative lights. Upon first glance, one would never guess that these intricate lights were made from recycled bottles.

Eco lights from bottles

Turner’s decorative lights belong to mainly three categories- 2 liter, Oasis, and cola. Eco-lights belonging to the 2 liter category are made from 2 liter drinking bottles.  500ml Oasis plastic drink bottles are used to make table lamps, and decorative lights are also made from cola bottles.

Green Eco Light

Turner is based in Nottingham, UK, and all of her products are handmade and available for purchase online. She has given lectures to university students, and has also conducted workshops to classes of primary and secondary school students.

Red eco lights

The ingenious designer’s popularity is increasing by the day.  Sarah is a winner of numerous awards, and her Eco lights have been exhibited at prestigious shows in London, Milan, Paris, and LA.  She has also done the light installation for London’s fashion week, and for the Ideal Home Show master chef’s restaurant. The Redesign Lamp shades are competing against twenty-five other designs for the title of Concept Product of the Year.  Working with design company Sennep, Turner has helped to design a giant twitter ball which flashes different colors when selected words from Cohn&Wolfe’s holiday message are tweeted. 562 reused plastic bottles, hundreds of LED lights, and a live Twitter feed are used for this Christmas holiday installation.

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