Bicycle Parts Recycled Into Beautiful Chandeliers

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Can you believe that old, rusty bicycle chains and the other bicycle parts can be used to design beautiful and striking chandeliersCarolina Fontoura Alzaga, a multidisciplinary artist with a BFA degree from Metropolitan State College of Denver, has a knack for reusing seemingly inartistic materials like bicycle parts to produce creative works of art.

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Carolina Fontoura Alzaga‘s work is a reflection of a life lived between various countries and cultures.  Most of her sculptures are made using a number of recycled bicycle parts. The chandeliers made from cast off bicycle parts are not just pretty to look at, however.  These traditionally-designed pieces are also fully functional, and their light can add a classy touch to almost any room.

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The artist says that she gets the inspiration for her chandelier designs from the artistic principles of Victorian era chandeliers and Modern bike culture.  The artist, who advocates a “do it yourself” (DIY) mantra, brings life and beauty to things which would otherwise get thrown away, useless bicycle parts which might have just as easily have been left to rot in a dump.

Alzaga’s demonstrates classical elegance in her designs, which are much more than just a novel way to reuse what would otherwise be dismissed as useless parts of a bicycle.  Her collection, called the CONNECT series, is composed of ideally designed chandeliers made from recycled bicycle parts, and is a product of creativity, art and traditional design brought together.

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Making such elegant and classy chandeliers from the bicycle parts, Alzaga has proven that beauty and sophistication don’t always have to come from new and expensive objects.  Her designs are a challenge to the makers of expensive chandeliers.

Alzaga visits  bike shops and cyclists in different locations to collect the parts for her designs, and has proven that old, used material may have the power of beauty hidden inside of it.  By using old bicycle parts, she also helps our Mother Earth to remain green, by reusing ‘bicycle waste’, which is typically made of metal, and remaking it into something elegant and useful.

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These sculptures are definitely an example of green art.  Not only are they made without harming the environment, they also help to reduce the planet’s pollution burden by recycling a portion of humanity’s waste which would otherwise probably end up at a pile in the dump.

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