Keep Your Pets Healthy This Winter

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Cold weather is here and we all have taken care to protect ourselves and our family from the harsh weather. But, what about our lovely pets? Have you taken adequate measures to see that our pets are well prepared for the cold season? Here are some tips, which will ensure that during this winter seasons, our pets remain as cozy, healthy and comfortable as we are.Healthy Pets

According to RSPCA, winter season can be tough for animals as they struggle to cope with the harsh conditions. The charity organization has also said that the public can ensure animal welfare by taking some simple steps.

  • owners of dogs with thin or sparse hair should make sure that their dogs are well-clothed while taken outside for exercise. It also recommends going out for two or three shorter walks instead of a one long walk.
  • If you are taking your pet out for a walk in the dark, then your pet should be dressed in reflective clothing to avoid accidents.
  • Pets should be kept away from frozen ponds or lakes to avoid the danger of falling in them.
  • If you are a cat’s owner, you should be careful that they get proper warmth and shelter. Also make sure that your cats do not remain outside for a long time.
  • If you have rabbits and guinea pigs, you may need to provide them extra bedding. These pets need extra cushioning for gaining warmth. In additional, provide them an indoor place where they can shield themselves from the forces of nature.

According to RSPCA, even if you do not have pets you can make this winter season a little more comfortable for the wildlife. You can do so by leaving out extra food and water for birds. You can visit RSPCA website for getting more information about it.

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    Great pointers!

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